DISPLAY (Persons with DISablities PLAYing competitive sports) is an Erasmus+ Sports project (2017-2812 (590395) –EPP-1-ES—SPO-SSCP) which aims to favour an increased participation of persons with disabilities in sport competitions, as a way of improving their social inclusion, through the transfer of experiences and good practices.

The DISPLAY project has the following views on what inclusion means and on how it can be achieved in sports:

 "Every human being is a recognized part of society. Inclusion is therefore a togetherness in which no person is excluded, but is equal and should belong. Inclusion in sport means I am an equal part of the team and not just an accepted Player.”


 Inclusive sport is that physical activity and sport that allows the joint practice of people with and without disabilities adjusting to the possibilities of the practitioners and maintaining the objective of the sports specialty in question. It involves an adjustment or adaptation in the rules and the material used in order to encourage the active and effective participation of all participants.”