The Sanatorio Marítimo of Gijón is a centre of the Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God, dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities, which has always promoted physical activity and sport among its users.



In 2002, it founded the Sanatorio Marítimo Sports Club, in order to centralize sports activities from a single management body and, to promote, in addition to physical activity, entertainment and fun, as well as interest, spontaneity and the athletes’ desire to excel. At present, the Club has 35 federated athletes, and football, basketball (male and female) and athletics teams. In addition, ping-pong, petanque, adapted sports and swimming are also practiced by its members. In 2015, the Club organised the XXIII National Basketball Championship for people with Intellectual Disabilities in conjunction with the FEDDI (Spanish Federation of Sports for people with Intellectual Disability).





José Manuel Álvarez

Catalina del Río

Eloy Castelo

Javier Martínez

Santiago Ablanedo


José Manuel Álvarez (Project Coordinator) - He is the President of the Sports Club,  has a Degree in Special Education and in Hearing and Speech Therapy. He manages the Club and supervises the activities of all the teams, as well as developing relations with the FEDDI and the Town of Gjión in relation to common sport events. In 2015 he participated in the organization of the 23rd National Basketball Championship for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in association with the Municipality of Gijón and the Ministry of Sport of the Region Asturias. He is also the Coach of  the basketball female team and has managed and trained the basketball team during the national FEDDI championships and the Special Olympics. He also works as Speech Therapist at the Centre Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón for people with intellectual disabilities.


Catalina del Río (Project Manager) - She has a Degree in Economics, a MSc in Local Economic Development and a title of Expert in Project Management of International R&D projects. She has ample experience in project management, particularly in EU projects.


Eloy Castelo (Advisor on adapted sport) - He is the Vicepresident of the Sports Club, has a Degree in Special Education and a MSc in Healthcare Management. He is also a sports instructor and coaches some of the Club's teams. He is, as well, Managing Director of the Centre Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón for people with intellectual disabilities.


Javier Martínez (Sports Coordinator) - He is the Secretary of the Sports Club, has a Degree in Sports Educaiton and is a Federated Football Coach. He is sports coordinator and coach at the Club, as well as caregiver at Centre Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón for people with intellectual disabilities.


Santiago Ablanedo (Social Worker) - He is the Treasurer of the Sports Club, holds a Degree in Social Work and works as volunteer in the Club. He is also Social worker and Technical Director at Centre Sanatorio Marítimo de Gijón for people with intellectual disabilities.