The Institute of Hospitaller Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Foundation running health and social care facilities in Portugal, among which is the Centro de Reabilitação Psicopedagógica da Sagrada Família (CRPSF), offering physical activity programs for users and customers.



The CRPSF is located in Madeira island, Funchal city, it's a non-profit Institution of Social Solidarity whose aims are the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation, through physical activity and non-competitive sports activities of patients with Mental Health problems and psychiatry.



 The IIH-CRPSF promotes the practice of physical activity and sport with a vision of promoting the quality of life allied to the social inclusion of our teenagers and young adults. 





Magda Lemos

Carlos Leal

Rui Santos

Diogo Mendes

André Barreto


Magda Lemos is the Rehabilitation Coordinator at CRPSF. She is an Occupational Therapist with more than 10 years  experience in working with children, teenagers and adults with disabilities. She has a postgraduate degree in Management and Adminsitration in Health Services, an International Master Degree in Social Gerontology and a Degree in Ocupational Therapy.


Carlos Leal is the Pedagogical Director of 1st cycle school at CRPSF. He has a Teaching Degree, with specialty in Physical Education, and 10 years of experience working with children and teenagers with special educational needs.


Rui Santos is a Physical Education Teacher (with a master degree) and a specialization in Special Education.He has been at CRPSF for 5 years teaching physical education, swimming and dance classes. He is also a football coach (UEFA B), personal trainer, group trainer (sh’bam instructor) and a lifeguard.


Diogo Mendes has Degree in Physiotherapy and has been working at CRPSFwith children, teenagers and adults, with different kind of disabilities, for 12 years. He is also part of the CRPSF research department.


André Barreto is a Nurse specialised in mental health and psychiatric nursing. He is the Nurse Coordinator of the long-term psychiatric unit of adolescence and part of the team responsible for implemeting a Quality System in CRPSF.