The Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Activity of the Polytechnique University of Madrid and Fundación Sanitas has created the Chair of Inclusive Sport Studies (Cátedra de Estudios sobre Deporte Inclusivo - CEDI). CEDI’s mission is to analyze and to raise awareness on the benefits of inclusive and adapted physical activity and sports, increasing and improving sport practice for people with disabilities. CEDI is the leading academic institution in Spain for dissemination, research, knowledge and best practices in Inclusive and Adapted Physical Activities and Sport for people with disabilities.



Our Team


Javier Pérez

Ignacio Polo

Saleky García

María Casas



Javier Pérez-Tejero is Full Professor at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF UPM), Department of Human Performance. Since 2009, he is also the Director of the Chair for Inclusive Sport Studies (CEDI) in Madrid . In the last years, he has been reviewer in 15 scientific journals (10 national, 5 international). His areas of interest in research cover research in physical activities and adapted sports for people with disabilities; performance analysis adapted sports; sports performance; physiological response to exercise in spinal cord injury; Biomechanical development tools for assessing the external load in wheelchair basketball; shoulder pain and sport chair; sports habits in people with disabilities; inclusive sport; inclusive physical education; basketball for people with intellectual disabilities; physical activities for people with brain damage in subacute phase, benefits of sport practice for people with disabilities. He has also been Chairman of the organizing committee at the 2014 European Conference of Adapted Physical Activity (EUCAPA).


Ignacio Polo is a post-graduate researcher in the Department of Health and Human Performance of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF). His research profile is focused on the analysis of relation between intellectual impairment on basketball performance and generic and specific sport intelligence tests required in this sport. Recently he published the paper “Impact of intellectual impairment on basketball performance through coaches and referees´ opinion: a qualitative approach” (in press). Besides his research career, he has been working for 4 years at the Real Madrid Foundation as adapted basketball coach with ID – basketball players. 


Saleky García is a physiotherapist with a PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Science. At present, she is a post-doctoral researcher focused on injury prevention, in physical activity and adapted sport, at the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF-UPM), as well as being involved with Vrije University, Amsterdam and National Hospital of Paraplegic of Toledo in projects related to wheelchair users. Recently she published the papers “Expert’s opinion of a home-based exercise program for shoulder pain prevention: application in wheelchair basketball players” and “Wheelchair basketball: influence of shoulder pain in sport skills”. As a physiotherapist, she has experience working at the clinical level, both in the public and private areas, in pediatrics, musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation. She has been working as part of the medical team of Special Olympics in Dominican Republic. Besides her professional career, she has also worked as a Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy in the Catholic University of Santo Domingo and National Evangelical University in Dominican Republic.


María Casas has a  Bachelor Degree in Sport Science and Physical Activities, and specialised in Motor Rehabilitation in French University Staps Nantes. With a MBA in Sport and Leisure Management, she has been working in sports for the last 20 years ( Instructor, manager and sport for development). In Central America, with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, she worked and  experienced with people with disabilities and their integration into social life.  In Africa, she worked as a sport specialist with the Sport Cooperation Foundation. She is also a High National  trainer by the Swimming Spanish Federation, is actually working for the municipality of Madrid, and is an active collaborator with the CEDI, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid., as well as being involved in several EU sport projects with inclusive sport activities.